UniMelb iPhone App

The UniMelb app provides access to the latest information about the University of Melbourne wherever you are.

The UniMelb app features:

  • photo gallery: Explore the campus in pictures
  • contact directory: Search for University of Melbourne staff and connect quickly by phone or email (note that some staff don't make their details public)
  • news: View the latest news from the University of Melbourne newsroom
  • search: Quickly access the University Web Search
  • maps: Search or browse for locations across campus.
Home screen  Contact screen  Maps screen  News screen

Using the App

We've tried to make the UniMelb iPhone App as simple and intuitive as possible. The four main tools are accessible from any screen through the row of icons at the bottom of the screen. Within each of the main tools there are extra features:

  • The contact search is for name by default. Tap the + icon to search other fields.
  • The contact and web searches remember your last three searches for one touch access.
  • News stories come directly from the newsroom site. Tap the refresh icon to download the latest news feed.
  • News stories can be opened in Safari, for you to bookmark or send to a friend.
  • Map locations come directly from the maps site. Tap the refresh icon to download the latest location data.
  • Use the 'more' button on the map screen to switch to satellite view, or open the location in Google maps to get directions.
  • Tap the slideshow images to show the full image, then tap the information icon to read about the image, or the map pin icon to see where it was taken.

Questions and Answers

How do I get the iPhone app?

Download the app for free from Apple's App Store.

Can I get the app on my Blackberry/Nokia/etc?

The application is only available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad at this stage, however, much of the university website adapts well for users of small-screen mobile devices to provide access to the same tools.

Where are the podcasts/videos/campus tours?

You probably want The University of Melbourne's iTunes U Channel. Learn about it on the Student IT website, or go straight to the iTunes U Channel.

Why isn't X in the app?

There are about a hundred things we would have loved to put in the app, but it's not always easy. If you have any suggestions for future versions, please call the ITS Service Desk.

Something went wrong, who do I call?

If you do experience any issues, please report via the ITS Service Desk on +61 3 8344 0888.